The Everlasting Arms Will Carry You

The Everlasting Arms Will Carry You
Blog Writers - Mon Sep 09, 2013 @ 02:41PM
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Do you ever wake up and wonder how you will get through another hectic week?  The question really isn’t “why”, it’s “how”.  How will you keep going…even when you are running low on Faith?  How will you keep plugging along…when your room is one letter short of a disaster, Mount Washmore is up to the ceiling, and you have an assignment due by tomorrow.  How, oh how, can you make it through in one piece? 

Face it.  On your own, you CAN’T. 

With His help, you CAN!  In fact, with His help, you can do more…
His grace is sufficient, for His strength is made perfect in weakness. 

The familiar lines of an old hymn come to me: “I hear the Saviour say, ‘thy strength indeed is small’. Child of weakness, watch and pray.  Find in me, thine all in all.”  Find in Him my all in all?  That sounds good! 

But how do I find my all in all in Christ?

~ spend time in His Word.  His Word is living and active—sharper than any double edged sword. It will strengthen you.

~ walk with Him all day through prayer. 

~ speak truth to yourself, like the Psalmist (“Why are you cast down, oh my soul?” says Psalm 77).  You don’t have to feel weary; you can feel grateful.  “I am more than a conqueror with Him…Jesus died for my sins…”

~ sing hymns over and over and over to yourself.  You really can’t sing and be cranky.  Singing makes you feel joyful.  Hymns, Psalms, Spiritual songs all help us worship him. 

~ memorize Galatians 6:9 and let it become a part of you. This verse is so powerful and will fill you with truth… Who. Doesn’t. Need. That.?

~ count the ways He loves you.  Start numbering the blessings, keep a gratitude journal, count and count and never stop counting.

~ watch this video and be encouraged

I put another load of laundry in.  The everlasting arms will hold after all.  His grace is sufficient. 


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