My favourite places for (home)school supplies

My favourite places for (home)school supplies
Blog Writers - Sat Aug 24, 2013 @ 02:43PM
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Drumroll, please...

My #1 favorite place to shop for supplies is (hold your breath): WalMart!  (Release your breath and gasp in shock.)  It's true.  One of the best places to shop for HS supplies is WalMart!  They have really inexpensive stuff, everything from gluesticks to duotangs to binders and everything in between.  They also have really great planners for mediocre prices.  You really can't beat WalMart when it comes to shopping supplies.  Their coloured pencils in the Crayola brand come presharpened and aren't that pricey.    

Other stores that I enjoy shopping for supplies at:  Of course, I also like Staples (though some of their stuff is pricey), Michaels (great for art supplies - bring a coupon though!), and the good ol' Dollarama (especially good for $1 notebooks).  I would not buy pencils at the Dollar Store since they are pretty cheap quality, but paper is paper and notebooks are notebooks (well, mostly...) so I get them at Dollarama whenever I can.   

So to recap: I love WalMart for most supplies.  Surprisingly, I can pick up almost everything I need there without having to go elsewhere.  However, for art supplies, Michael's rocks, and for higher-end stuff (for those supplies where you cannot sacrifice quality) Staples is good too.  And check Dollarama too, after you read my important note below...

I like to splurge on: ‚Äč Good, quality, durable pencils and pencil crayons and crayons and markers.  You cannot find good quality writing tools at Dollarama: Do not (and I say it again, DO NOT) buy coloring tools at Dollarama.  I have found pens at the store that are in relatively good condition, but the other pencil stuff does not work very well.   So you see, Dollarama is good for pens - still be cautious - but do not buy crayons, pencils, or pencil crayons there.  Even if the box says Crayola, I strongly believe it is a fake or at least Crayola makes a cheaper, downgraded version of their supplies for Dollarama.  I will say it again, if you really want to invest in some good pencil crayons and pencils, try WalMart or even better Staples.

Important notes:

- Buy stuff you want to be in good quality at more expensive stores like Staples, Michaels

- Do not buy pencil crayons, pencils, crayons at Dollarama. They are no good.

- Check WalMart for planners and basic supplies if you are on a budget.  Good prices.

- Quality art supplies can be found at Michael's.

Have fun supply shopping!

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