Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites
Blog Writers - Mon Aug 12, 2013 @ 12:04PM
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Here are a few favorites that I love.


   :: Tim Horton's Frozen Lemonade :: So I tried these lemonades last year but I didn't really enjoy them.  Then, yesterday, I decided to try it again - and I absolutely loved it!  Personally, I think the original (yellow) lemonade is better, but alot of my siblings say the raspberry lemonade rocks!  It you like sweet or sour?  Give them a try for $1.

   :: Vanilla Chai Tea Frappe at McDonald's :: This was delicious, and only $1.  It was really yummy, sort of ice-cream like, and overall just really tasty and rather spicy, too.  A great summer favorite.  

   :: Breyer's Triple Chocolate Icecream :: I can't help but mention this scrumptious icecream.  Some friends brought it over, and it was super good.  Personally I liked the white chocolate flavour, but they were all yummy.  

   :: Waterfall Braid :: I saw this hairstyle online and I thought I would post it here.  It looks very cute, maybe a bit fancy for everyday, but definitley good for those fancier occasions.  And it doesn't look to difficult, either, if you know how to french braid.

   :: Lemon Water :: Oooh yummm :)  Here is a VERY interesting article on the top 5 benefits of drinking water with lemon: Click HERE.

   :: Old Spice Rack To Organize Buttons :: This is a very neat idea for those who have lots of buttons in their craft/sewing areas.  Definitley a great way to keep those buttons organized - AND it looks stylish, too.  Click here for more funky craft room inspiration. 

   :: Duct Tape Ring :: Here is a fantastic craft idea for a rainy day, you can get the tutorial by clicking here.  Very sweet.

:: A Powerful Thomas Edison Quote :: The inventor of the lightbulb shares something that alot of us can relate to.





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Which favorite do you like?