Closet Staple #7: {Two Dresses}

Closet Staple #7: {Two Dresses}
Blog Writers - Sat Jul 27, 2013 @ 12:46PM
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The sixth closet staple is: two dresses!

Dresses, like skirts, come in all lengths and styles. There are maxi dresses (very long), long dresses, knee-length dresses, and dresses that fall somewhere in between.

Purchase two dresses. I suggest going for a basic color, as you can pair basic colored dresses with virtually anything. You could go for black (or brown) in the colder months, and white (or cream or twill) in the warmer months. In the winter, you might want to wear a sweater over your dress…especially if it is short-sleeved, as it can be chilly!

Here are a few tips for wearing dresses:

  • Wear a cozy shawl over your dress.
  • Colorful, sparkly necklaces or headbands look cute when paired with a basic colored dress. (Think a purple sparkly headband).
  • Cardigans look nice over dresses; opt for something bright and colourful.
  • If you love wearing clothing with designs and prints, pair a white dress with a cardigan with polka dots or stripes!
  • A white sweater over a black dress, or a black sweater over a white dress is classic.
  • Wear tights under your dress, especially in the winter.
  • If you buy a dress that’s a bit short, sew on some cute fabric at the bottom. It looks really pretty, and you’ll get a longer dress.
  • If you like prints, slip on some colourful tights under a plain dress.

For a third, optional, dress: After you have two basic coloured dresses (as mentioned above), you can splurge and get a pretty dress (with fancy prints) on it the next time you go shopping, or you could sew your own!

And, as always, if you wear skirts and dresses every day, you probably will have more than twoJ

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