Closet Staple #3: {Three Simple Skirts}

Closet Staple #3: {Three Simple Skirts}
Blog Writers - Mon Jul 22, 2013 @ 11:38AM
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Now for the next closet staple. Note - if you wear skirts all the time, you might want to get alot more than three skirts. But, if you don't wear skirts every day, start with these three simple skirts! :)

The second closet staple is: Three Skirts

·      There are so many places to buy skirts; look around to find what you want. You can sew your own, too, or many websites sell handmade skirts that are cute and long. Second hand stores have a treasure chest of skirts of all types and sizes; check it out. If you have a friend who wears lots of skirts, ask her for recommendations. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not afraid to ask where she bought a certain garment or from which store she buys this or that. It’s not rude; in fact, it’s a compliment for the other person to know you admire their clothing choices!

·      I’m sure every family has a certain “guideline” for how long a skirt should be. Find out what length your parents prefer before buying a skirt!

·      The skirts I’m gonna suggest below are basic ideas. Before you start buying really pretty, designed skirts, make sure that you have these three simple ones. I won’t be discussing skirts with designs or prints on them since I don’t consider them to be a closet staple, but they definitely make nice extras.

·      If you go to a lot of formal occasions, you could always get two basic skirts for each season (two for cold weather season, two for warm weather season). E.g. one white skirt, one pale coloured skirt (for warm weather), and one brown skirt, one black skirt (for cold weather).

·      A staple is something you can wear over and over and over …. And still looks great and fresh.  A staple is something you can pair with anything. A staple is something you can dress up or dress down depending on what you have to do or where you have to go. So, always get a skirt that you can wear with at least three tops. Better yet? Get a skirt that you can wear with ANY top! “Is that even possible?” you ask. Yes! The following list of must-have’s are basic colors…so you can wear them with virtually ANY top you have:

The Three Must-Have Skirts

1. Formal Cold Weather Skirt brown or black

2. Formal Warm Weather Skirt white or very pale color

3. Casual Skirt denim, twill, khaki or something made of a more “casual” material.

And note, your list may be alot different then this one! This is just an idea.

Even if you only get three skirts, you are set for the entire year!   If you get these three must-have skirts, you can pretty much pair them with anything. Now I know what you are thinking, “Those skirt colors are SO PLAIN!” Yes, on their own, they do appear a little plain, but the reason I chose these colors and not some bright orange skirt or some striped candy cane skirt is because you can pair them with anything. Well, almost anything! With these simple three skirts, you can pair any shirt with them. Seriously! You can pair a neon shirt with a twill skirt, or a glitter top with a white skirt, or a fuchsia sweater over a brown skirt, or a white shirt over a black skirt. It’s just that easy!

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