Leave It In His Hands

Leave It In His Hands
Blog Writers - Tue Jul 02, 2013 @ 01:30PM
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I glanced uneasily at the clock. 4:20pm. Where are they? Hadn’t they said they would be here by 4pm? I couldn’t sit still, so I kept bouncing from room to room. Quickly I made a decision. I wouldn’t even try to enjoy the party. I mean, how could I if they weren’t here yet? They were more important to me then any friends. So, determinedly, I whispered to my mom, “Let’s just go through the motions.” I continued to wander around, not daring to sit still, lest the gravity of the situation should sink in. I breathed. Finally, I decided to my devotion time—what else would there be to do? Everything was arranged for the Dominion Day party. The table was set perfectly with a brilliant red table cloth, the BBQ was prepared to cook hamburgers for the many people coming, and the streamers were strung. It was going to be a perfect party—but how could it be if the people I loved weren’t there?

Every five minutes I glanced at the clock. 5:15…5:20…5:25. Time seemed to be speeding up. It was almost six o’clock, and they still hadn’t arrived. I put down my Bible and tore up the stairs. Dialling the familiar number, I waited. No answer. I pressed redial ten more times, still no answer. I paced around uneasily, glancing out the window as often as I could. Then I realized: I needed something to calm me down. Music? No, I had no clue where the iPod was and wasn’t in the mood to make a hefty search for it. Filling up water balloons for tonight? Nah! A Bible verse? Now that might help. I raced downstairs—as if moving quickly helped keep my mind of things—and zipped into the bathroom. I always hang my memory passages (currently Colossians 3) on the mirror so I can practice them. I gulped and prayed (desperately) for God to give me some verse, some truth, some promise to hold on to. Then I read it:

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts…” (Colossians 3:15)

I barely read the last part of the verse, I knew that was enough. That part of the verse was just what I needed. I kept saying it over and over, Peace of God. Peace of God. Peace of God.

The clock was ticking…faster even now. 5:35…5:45…5:50?!?!! The party was to start in ten minutes. Where were my siblings? Where were my grandparents?

Mom listened to the radio for traffic and accident updates. We were all nervous, uneasy, wavering. I dialled their cell again. No reply. Sighing, I gave up and instead retreated to the computer, a fast way to find info. I wasn’t able to find traffic updates, but I did find “Couple dies in car accident at 3:30pm in Millersville area…names have not been released.” I gulped. My heart beat so loudly. Panic filled me. Yelling now, I blurted out, “They got in an ACCIDENT!!!” I honestly had no idea that it was my grandparents, but I was certain (for some odd reason) it was them because they always go through that exact town, Millersville, to come home. I had finally figured out why they had not arrived at the time they had said they would (4pm). They had gotten in an accident…

My dad came rushing to the computer. I speedily scanned the article for more information, and then I took a sigh of relief. “Oh, I made a mistake! It says that this happened on Saturday, not today (Monday). Phew. It’s not them.” I almost jumped for joy and immediately slammed the computer laptop down. No, I still had not figured out what was taking them so long, but I knew it was not an accident.

6pm. “Mom, everyone is going to be here right now! Where are the kids and grandma and grandpa?” I was standing helpless and hopeless in front of the window.

Just then, a van pulled up.


We later found out that their battery had broken down, they stopped a lot, and they had to get boosted. I barely heard the story as I wiped away tears, so happy and relieved they had arrived. Praise God!

That day I learned a very important lesson. “A man devises his ways, but it is the LORD who directs his steps.” How had I forgotten? Why hadn’t I left it all in His most capable hands? Why had I worried? Had the worrying done me any good? No, they hadn’t come at the planned time…no, they hadn’t arrived in our timing. Everything is in God’s timing. Leave your burdens in HIS hands. Time and time again, I realize that whenever I start worrying or getting anxious about some matter, I feel worse. When I surrender my worries to God, He always takes care of them. His ways are not our ways! They are so much more amazing.

Next time you encounter a trial, leave it in His hands. They are sooo much more capable then ours!

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