Have We Forgotten?

Have We Forgotten?
Blog Writers - Wed May 29, 2013 @ 11:57AM
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Punctuality - Have We Forgotten?

Punctuality. The art of being precisely on time. *Giddy, humiliating laughter* Sounds like a joke, doesn’t it! Even the word punctual is long forgotten…but I want to ask you, how many of us are punctual? (Anyone who knows me knows that I am far from punctual! I rarely ever am exactly on time.)

In our culture and society, we have grown used to being what they used to call “fashionably late” – but what is now just disrespectfully late. And it is sad.

The definition of punctual, as most of us know, is on time. That’s a simple definition for such an extravagant sounding word, but you really only need two short words (6 letters) to sum up “punctual” anyway. It’s that simple. Because when you are late, do you know that you are wasting someone else’s time? It’s true. And we have grown so used to it—so terribly ignorant!—that we don’t even realize it. A lady admitted, “Arriving late was a way of saying that your own time was more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you.” How terribly, utterly selfish we are if we are late!

Our (Lame) Excuses for Being Late

Excuse #1: “Who cares if I’m late? Everyone else is!” To be immediate, speedy, and prompt, is almost like foreign language to us. Okay, so let’s roll with this excuse. Let’s say that you started a club for girls. Then one member started coming ten minutes late. The next class, three members were ten minutes late. The class after that, all five girls were ten minutes late. So, now, because we have used the simple excuse “Everyone else is late”, you are now stuck trying to run the club ten minutes late. How crazy is that!

Excuse #2: “It’s not like a sin if I arrive late.” No, it isn’t a sin to be late. But wasting someone else’s time isn’t very good.

Excuse #3: “It isn’t always possible to be on time.” True. Of course, there are things that come up. Last minute phone calls…the car breaks down…you lost a tooth. Those types of things are inevitable. But, as much as you can, be on time! Your host/teacher/friend will really appreciate it.

Excuse #4: “It looks weird if I’m early.” A wise person once realized that “punctuality is the soul of business”. After all, how can you keep a good job if you are always late? Start disciplining yourself to be punctual. Especially at interviews, appointments, and…well, everywhere. Try and be punctual for every thing. Do you have to be early? Nope. Just get there on time.

How To Be On Time

Set your clocks ahead occasionally! One Christmas Eve, I really wanted to be on time for the Christmas Eve service at my grandparents’ church. So, being the keen business lady I am (not exactly…), I set the alarms ahead by 15 minutes. This resulted in us leaving 15 minutes early, and getting to the service very early (okay, I admit it…we were a little too early). But hey, better then being late! So, set your clocks ahead to be on time for important meetings etc. I don’t suggest setting them ahead as far as I did (15 minutes is a lot of time), but even 5 minutes ahead can help you immensely. Just be sure to set them back to the regular time when you get home!!

Get stuff ready for your appointment/meeting ahead of time. That way, when you are in the Ah-I-Have-To-Be-At-Sewing-Class-In-3-Minutes mad rush out the door, you have your sewing bag, bobbins, and thread by the door ready to go.

If you have to get somewhere early in the morning, go to bed on time. ‘Nuff said

 Leave early (within reason of course!). Okay, be reasonable here. So if it takes you five minutes to get to your cello class, you don’t have to leave 30 minutes early. Just plan on leaving say 10-12 minutes early. Way more manageable…and reasonable.

Most Importantly, Remember This....

LIFE HAPPENS. In your quest to being more prompt and punctual, remember that life happens. There will be days when it is just not possible to arrive on time. But, as much as is possible, try and be on time. Being on time is polite, and truly, the right thing to do.

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