My Top 3 At-Home Fitness Programs

My Top 3 At-Home Fitness Programs
Blog Writers - Sat Mar 02, 2013 @ 02:09PM
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My top 3 at home fitness programs. I decided to rate three fitness videos, and you can see which ones are my favorites.

Program #1: Walk At Home - my absolute favorite exercise program ever. Walk miles at home, in your living room! So easy. You can get these DVDs at the library for FREE, or buy them online for a very reasonable fee! click here for more info. 

Pros: good for all age levels; easy to follow; very encouraging; music on dvd; affordable; fun; engaging; has an online website where you can track your walk and pounds; a great forum; the instructor is Christian!

Cons: you do need a bit of space (a living room) to do this.

Modesty Rating: Surprisingly, this is the most modest fitness video I have come across so far. All in all, I think she upholds a pretty high standard for modesty and I'm very impressed! 

OVERALL SCORE: I would give this a stunning 5/5.

Program #2 :: T-Tapp - get fit at home with these DVDs. Though pricey, these dvds are worth it. Click here to find out more.

Pros: Very good program, you can lose weight (if you need too), and get 100% better posture; many testimonials of how the program has worked; feel better overall after using program

Cons: Very expensive; geared more towards adults (though I'm sure youth can do it).

Modesty Rating: The fitness instructor doesn't uphold moesty (she dresses in lots of tight spandex for some of the dvds) and some may find this disturbing.

OVERALL SCORE: I would give this a 3/5 stars. 

Program #3 :: Get Sweaty - free daily online video exercises, great for kids of all ages. Use equipment you have at home (milk jugs, etc!). Plus, track how many videos you did to collect "points", then trade them in for prizes (tshirts, iPods, caps, and more!) Click here

Pros: workouts are targeted at kids; free; online; workouts use equipment you have around, you get prizes; kids doing the workouts! 

Cons: workouts may be too "easy" depending on your fitness level; for someone serious about getting fit you may need to do more then just this

Modesty Rating: From what I have personally seen, all of the kid instructors on the program dress pretty modestly!

OVERALL SCORE: I would rate this a good 2/5 stars.

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