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We don't have to go with the world's view that brothers are big annoying pests that try and get in our way.  Instead, let's look at GOD'S view of brothers.  Brothers are gifts, and we can invest greatly in their lives, even if they are older then we are.  We can have a HUGE influence in their lives, if only we will work to create a lasting relationship with them.  If you hae younger brothers and older brothers, their interests will be vastly different.  For one, your younger brother may like science experiments, while your older brother prefers building things.  Find out their interests, then ask them to do one of the following projects with you:

Name Tangles

On a rainy day, have a blast inside with Name Tangles.  This is a fun activity your brother and you can enjoy.   Click: TeachKidsArt: August 2010 to get instructions for this project. 


This summer, organize a project for you two to do together.  You can find basic instructions on the internet to build different things.  Here are some ideas and instructions to get you started, so just click the links: How to Build a Sandbox, How to Build a Doghouse 

Get Sciency

Having fun on a warm summer day with science is something you will enjoy doing together. Some easy experiments do with younger brothers include the following (click the links): Does an Orange Float or Sink?, Taste Without Smell , and Oil and Water.  Some more challenging experiments can be: Make a Parachute, Blowing Up Balloons, and Quick Sand.


Your brothers will love this idea.  Create a waterpark in your backyard with your brother using kiddie pools, waterguns, the sprinkler, and a slide with a hose on it (a la waterslide).  Get creative and have a huge waterfight, right in your own backyard.  Just a tip: be prepared to get squirted! 

Make GOOP!

This is a super cool project that your brothers will love.  They'll adore you for taking time to play "mess" with them, and you'll have fun figuring out how this strange but amazing goop works.  Making goop is a lot of fun, and it requires only a few basic ingredients, which you probably already have on hand.  All you have to do is click Cornstarch Goop to find the exact recipe, then have fun with your younger brother "playing" with the goop.  Sometimes we make big batches of the goop and bring it outside to have fun with. Use measuring cups and spoons to try and pick up the goop, then watch it melt back into the container. 

Work together

Volunteering with an older brother at a soup kitchen can be a super exciting experience.  Use the internet to find a soup kitchen near you, then ask if you can volunteer to serve a meal one day.  (Most soup kitchens have a contact volunteer liasion that you can phone or email.)  You'll be enjoying yourselves while you help other people. 

These are a few ideas to get you started, then watch as you and your brother get creative and think of your own ideas.  Share below (in a comment) what YOUR ideas are that've worked to create a lasting relationship with your own brothers. 

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Share with us the things you like to do with your brothers. Type them in on a new comment.
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