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Sisters are truly blessings.  If you and your sister do not get along, then you are missing out on the most exciting time of your life!  God gave us sisters to bless us, not because he wanted them to pester us all the livelong day.  If you can get along with your siblings, you'll be able to get along with almost anyone who comes your way! 

So what are some practical ways to get involved in your sisters life? Below are some fantastic ideas to get you started, then share your own by commenting below.

Make funky magnets

Take pictures of your sisters and you, then get the photos developed.  Buy some self-adhesive magnet sheets at the craft store (they're not expensive!).  Attach the pictures to the self-adhesive magnet sheets.  Stick the photo on the refrigerator and always be reminded of the wonderful GIFT sisters are to us.

Sponsor a child together

Visit or to learn more about sponsoring a child.  This would be a fun project to do with your sister, and you could save up extra change from your bake sales or jewellery sales to sponsor a child in need.

Play spa

If you have sisters who just love getting their nails done, play spa with them.  You can use safe natural fingernail polish. For details on how to make your own products, and for a step-by-step list of how to do your own spa at home, see my other post titled: Creating a Spa.  If your sister is older, why not take turns doing facials and each other's nails.  See who can come up with the funkiest nail designs, or who can do the best hairdo. 

Make food art

Create food art together!  You can find more about food art by clicking here:  Food art is fun, and being in the kitchen together is a blast! 

Have a tea party!

Dress up with your sisters and have a tea party.  Take turns sharing poems or reading the Bible to each other, and enjoy some dainty baking and some sweet tea. 


If you have older sisters, scrapbook with them.  (You can find lots of unique ideas and inspiration at Polkadot Door Designs) If you have younger sisters, find some basic crafts that you can do as a team.  Fun but easy crafts can be found at

What other ideas can YOU add to this list?  Comment with your ideas below, and I'll keep adding to this ever-growing list. 

Comments: 1


1. Natalie   |   Wed Jun 06, 2012 @ 04:11PM

Sisters are so fun, aren't they! Please share your great "Things to do with Sisters" ideas below. I can't wait to hear them!