Beautifying Your Room

Beautifying Your Room
Blog Writers - Fri Mar 23, 2012 @ 11:40AM
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   You've come a long way since day 1 of our intro to the theme "Your Bedroom".  Now for this post, I have compiled a few different questions (and answers, of course). Read on in hopes that they will help you!

Question and Answers:

Q: How can I keep my room always clean?  It seems as though everytime I clean it a few minutes later it's a disaster zone again!  Help!!  

A: Here is a list of 3 keys to always having a clean bedroom.

3 Keys To Always Having A Clean Bedroom:

1. Declutter 3 things every day.  By the end of the week, you'll have 21 things decluttered!

2. Do a Ten-Minute-Tidy each day.  I cannot stress the importance of this tip!  It has helped me tremendously.  

3. After you take something out, put it away.  This is something screamingly obvious, yet I always seem to need to be reminded (anyone else out there who forgets?!).  

Q: I want to know about resources that will help me organize different parts of my room.  Do you have any recommendations? 

A: I love reading books about organizing.  Here is a list that I've found beneficial, and keep in mind the last one is not a book but a website, which is also really helpful.

These are a few of my favorites...

"Clutter Rehab" by Laura Wittman

"Organized Simplicity" by Tsh Oxenreider

"Clutter Control" from American Girl Publishing

"Organizing Plain & Simple" by Donna Smallin

"Where's Your Stuff?: The Ultimate Teen Organizing Guide" by Orange Avenue Publishing

"FlyLady" (visit 

Q: I find myself with a pile of laundry every day.  

A: I was once where you were!  Try and choose a certain day to be "laundry day".  This helps tremendously.  Then, only do laundry on that day.  If you find yourself with way too much laundry, use one of these tips: 1) declutter your clothe; chances are you have way too many anyway! 2) wear your clothes for at least 2 days before washing them.  

A: I don't have enough space!!  What should I do?  

A: Well, it is important to declutter.  Try and get rid of lots.  Then, once you have more space to save the stuff you really, truly enjoy, find creative ways for more storage.  For example: use an icecube tray for jewlery.  Or, hang belts and scarves on the walls using tacks.  Create shelves out of a beautifully painted piece of wood and use brackets to hang it up.  Purchase under-the-bed bins to slide in that awkward under-the-bed space.  For your closet, try a hanging shoe organizer since they give lost of extra space for clothes.  If you have lots of CDs, buy a short, narrow basket that can slip into a drawer.  Store papers in a pretty basket or side-ways on a napkins holder.  I even heard it's a fantastic idea to store all of your paper in a vintage mailbox on your desk (and put the red "flag" up when you have a letter to respond to!).  Have fun getting creative with storage, and you will find you no longer lack space.

Comments: 2


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Awesome! By the way, where did you get the pic.?