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It wasn't until a few years ago that I got intereseted in herbs.  You may be wondering how in the world I got interested in these fragranced, healthy plants, so I will quickly relay the story.  Herbs are used for a lot of medicinal stuff, right?  So, it was about the time that I was looking into natural health that I discovered the world of herbs, herbal tinctures, herbal remedies, and herbal crafts.  Through books, websites, and lots of research I clearly found that herbs could be used for anything from sprains to insomnia to making sachets.  It was amazing!

GROW HERBS.  If you would like to try growing herbs you can, but I must admit I have not had very much luck with some herbs in particular (lavendar and oregano).  Most people sasy it is easiest to grow them in pots on your windowsill or outside in the summer.  A good movie to watch is "Homestead Blessings The Art of Herbs".  It gives lots of tips, info on growing them, and shows what you can do with them.  Additionally, visit this website: http://www.herbgardeningguru.com/ for steps to growing your own in the spring.

USE HERBS.  Though many people use them in medicinal ways, you do not necessarily have to.    For instance, I make a delicious Apple Mint Iced Tea that is so healthy and delicious.  Some people like to make crafts out of herbs by drying them and putting them in sachets.  

1) I like the website "Learning Herbs".  You may access it at this link: http://www.learningherbs.com/.  It gives lots of fun and fascinating facts and has lots of recipes for using herbs medicinally.

2) Of course, "Wikipedia" has a lot of information of Herbs if you want to know more.  Visit:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herb.  

3) If you want to cook with herbs, visit "Culinary Herbs" at this link: http://culinaryherbguide.com/.  

4) There are so many uses for herbs!  Learn about them all on this website: http://www.realtime.net/anr/herbs.html which includes how they are used medicinally.  

5) For lots of recipes that use herbs, visit "Annette's Herb Garden."  She is so practical and lays out lots of easy ideas for incorporating these healthy plants in your everyday food (pizzas, pickles, roasts, macaroni and cheese...you name it!).  http://www.annettesherbgarden.com/pages/culinary.html

6) Crafty?  Try making herbal sachets.  If you check out this link you will see a cool idea for putting your herbs to use and creating something wonderful: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/herb-sachet.htm  

Herbs are something God created for our enjoyment.  They taste delicious, can be used for so many things, and are a huge part of nature.  

In His amazing love,


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Did you try out any of the 6 resources that I told you about? Let me know if you tried any of the practical, fun ideas. I'd love to hear from you!! Simply leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.