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It started with a whisking wind scattering dead leaves around our yard, whirling them in funnels.  Then came the crisp scent of Autumn as I stepped outside.  Mm-mm.  I hadn't expected it that soon.  But after all, it was the first day of homeschool, I reminded myself as I bundled up in warm gear.  I trotted down the steps of our deck, and at that instant I resolved that Autumn was in the air.  It shocked me, but I knew it was for real.  Autumn is here!  Here are 12 things I loved about my summer before I officially say 'goodbye' to summer.

#1 Cousins visiting

#2 Moose Lake Family Camp

#3 Wisdom Camp with friends

#4 The blessing of family!

#5 Stargazing for a friends party

#6 Going to DQ multiple times for sweet treats

#7 Visiting Banff, Ft. McLeod, Calgary and the Harders, the Klaassens, and the Goodman's on our trip.

#8 Helping our uncle move

#9 Meeting a new friend at camp

#10 Bonfire

#11 Last-minute weiner roast with friends

#12 The excitement and anticipation of what is to come - Autumn! 



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